ZUMA Health Trust Ltd actively participates in the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) and its programmes. It is involved in the three major programmes of NHIS which includes: the NHIS Formal Sector Social Health Insurance Programme (FSSHIP); the NHIS Informal Sector Social Health Insurance Programmes and, the NHIS Vulnerable Group Social Health Insurance Programme

The FSSHIP is a social health security system in which the health care of employees in the Formal Sector is paid for from funds created by pooling the contributions of employees and employers.
The Formal Sector of the National Health Insurance Scheme consists of the following:
a. Public Sector
b. Organized Private Sector
c. Armed Forces, Police and other Uniformed Services
d. Students of Tertiary Institution Social Health Insurance Programmes (TISHIP)

The Informal Sector Social Health Insurance Programmes is made up of:
a) Community Based Social Health Insurance Programmes (CBSHIP) and the
b) Vital Contributors Social Health Insurance Programme (VCSHIP).

While the Vulnerable Group Social Health Insurance Programme consists of:
a) Physically Challenged Persons
b) Prisons Inmates
c) Pregnant Women
c) Children under-Five
d) Immigrants
e) Refugees
f) Internally Displaced Persons
g) Victims of Human Trafficking
h) Pensioners

The FCT Health Services Scheme (FHSS) now referred to as the FCT Health Insurance Scheme (FHIS) is a social health care financing reform scheme which operates on the principle of solidarity, risk-sharing and pooling of resources for the provision of affordable, accessible and qualitative health care to the FCT workforce and residents alike on sustainable basis.

Much like the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS), the scheme is built on the tripod of preventive, promotive and curative components of health care delivery, and beneficiaries are entitled to all the benefits which NHIS enrollees enjoy. We are one of the select three Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) in partnership with the government of the federal Capital Territory for the operations of the scheme.

In 2013, and in collaboration with our leading HMO, the FHIS branched out into the FCT Area Council Health Insurance Scheme (FAHIS) which was meant to cater for the health care needs of persons working within its Area Councils. Although the FAHIS is presently undergoing some restructuring, the birth was aimed at bringing more Nigerians into the cover of health insurance and thus achieving its set Universal Health Coverage goals.

Some of our enrollees and clients have called expressing concern about the limited scope of the FHSS and FAHIS programmes since they operate within the FCT alone. They are concerned that their dependants resident in states outside of the FCT would be unable to receive medical attention in hospitals outside of Abuja.

We encourage all our beneficiaries and those who wish to come under our fold not to be worried about the identified issue. We are a national HMO. We have offices in all the six geo-political zones of the country, and we are in partnership with over eight hundred health care facilities in Nigeria. Where ever your dependants are resident in the country, just let us know, and we would promptly link them to our range of providers duly accredited and ready to administer expert and efficient care to them.

The Tertiary Institutions Social Health Insurance Programme (TISHIP) is a social security system designed to cater for the health care needs of students in tertiary institutions (Universities, Colleges of Education, Polytechnics, Colleges of Agriculture, Monotechnics, Schools of Nursing, Midwifery, Health Technology and other Specialized Institutions.) through funds pooled from contributions by students. The programme is committed to ensuring that while in session or off-session, students have easy access to qualitative healthcare service thereby promoting the health of students with a view to creating conducive learning environment.

Beyond the foregoing benefit, our partnership would avail your institution of more opportunities in area of enhanced service delivery and upgrade of your school clinic, periodic training of medical staff and enduring corporate social responsibilities.

We invite you to leverage on our vast experience in the management of the health care needs of over seventy thousand students nationwide.

For further enquiries on this and quotations on our TISHP plans, please contact us.

In line with our motto to be your gateway to affordable and accessible healthcare, we also participate actively in the provision and execution of the Vital Contributors Social Health Insurance Programme (VCSHIP). VCSHIP is health insurance that is taken up and paid for at the discretion of willing individuals or at the discretion of employers on behalf of employee in organization with less than ten staff. It is a programme designed for those who are not currently covered by any of the NHIS programmes and for those who may not have been satisfied with the existing health care services.

Retirees, active self-employed individuals not covered under CBSHIP, political office holders, financially viable Nigerian business men and women with staff strength of less than ten not yet insured and foreigners living in Nigeria as legal residents are all encouraged to pay fifteen thousand naira (N15, 000) per year to buy into this opportunity which provides full or partial coverage for services excluded or not fully covered by statutory health systems.

Feel free to contact us about this, as we shall be very willing to guide you on becoming a beneficiary.

Community Based Social Health Insurance Programme is a social health insurance programme for a cohesive group of households/individuals or occupation-based groups. It is structured on the basis of the ethics of mutual aid and the collective pooling of health risks, in which members take part in its management.

Any homogenous group as indicated above, and numbering up to a thousand, or at least fifty per cent of membership willing to be active participants through prompt financial contributions at flat rate for every member, are encouraged to contact us.

The benefit package we provide, takes into cognizance the prevailing local morbidity and mortality profile, including pre and post-natal care, normal delivery, child welfare services (including immunization), family planning and health education services, and above all, shall reflect preventive, promotive and curative components of health care delivery. 

We shall, in addition to other services, leverage on our pool of benefactors and partner organizations to seek for grants and donations from the government, Civil Society Organizations, good-spirited individuals, and philanthropists through formal launching and fund-raising events so as to boost the financial base of the Scheme and thus reduce the yearly premium expected from each individual of the group.

The Road Accident Health Insurance Scheme is designed to provide insurance cover for drivers and passengers/commuters of insured vehicles all over the Country.  Our interest in RAHIS stems from our serious concern and legitimate worry over the very high and continually increasing morbidity and mortality on our roads.

Any beneficiary who becomes a victim of road accident in the country while commuting in any of the insured vehicles, in so far as his or her name is registered in the passengers Manifest for the trip, shall have the benefit of being transported swiftly and free of charge to the nearest health care facility for prompt medical attention without the payment of a dime. All cost of transportation for all referral cases as well as accompanying medical bills arising from administration of care, shall be borne by us. Peradventure fatalities result, we also make compensation payments or benefits to the family of the deceased.  To this end, we have paid out benefits running into millions of Naira in pursuance of the progress of this scheme.

We are in partnership with some organised public commercial road users, transport companies, state branches of the Nigerian Union of Road and Transport Workers (NURTW)  to provide emergency medical insurance for commercial road transport users, drivers and all their passengers.

We encourage you to come on board.