Details of Our Plans & Services

In  line  with  our  Customer  Value  Proposition,  the  philosophy  behind  our products is not merely to come to your aid when you require assistance, we regard ourselves as your Wellness partner, positioned to provide assurance of good health, well-being and peace of mind for our enrolees and their families.

In this light, we undertake to provide user-education at inception, as well as a continuous wellness education and assistance for enrolees throughout the duration of cover. While  we  provide  cover  to  public  sector  enrolees  in  line  with  the  NHIS prescribed products, we have also designed a unique proposition to cater for staff and family members of private corporate entities and small businesses.
We also offer our products to individuals who wish to purchase stand-alone cover.

We provide three service offerings to the private sector

  • Cardinal – Provides full-service, individual-based healthcare coverage in an economy package
  • Cardinal Plus – A comprehensive mid-tier family-friendly service with richer  benefits and greater flexibility
  • Ultimate – Our top tier comprehensive service offering providing full medical benefits and flexibility both within and outside the country.