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Zuma Health Trust Limited is a leading Health Maitenance Organization (HMO) offering Social Health Insurance Coverage for all Nigerians.

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Benefit List for Health Insurance Plans

Cardinal, Cardinal Bronze, Cardinal Silver, Cardinal Gold, Cardinal Diamond & Cardinal Ruby benefit list.

Services Cardinal Cardinal Bronze Cardinal Silver Cardinal Gold Cardinal Diamond Cardinal Ruby
General Consultation
Special Consultation
Routine Laboratory Investigation
Provision of prescribed drugs
Physiotherapy (in designated health facilities) Max. of 3 sessions Max. of 5 sessions Max. of 10 sessions
Health education
Minor surgeries
Gym Access (@select centers and for principals only)
Counselling/Stress Management ( for principals only)
In-Patient Care.
General Consultation
Specialist Consultation & Review
Hospitalization General Ward Semi-Private Ward Private Ward
Hospitalization days per annum 5 days 8 days 15 days
Feeding (provided by the Hospital)
Laboratory Investigations
Prescription Drugs & Consumables
Intensive Care Service 24hrs 48hrs 72hrs
Intensive Care Service Max. of 1pint/annum Max. of 2pints/annum Max. of 3pints/annum
X-Rays (Basic)
Ultra Sound Scan
CT Scan & MRI *(enrollee bears 70% of cost)
Cancer limited to clinical examination
Specialist consultation (on reconmendation)
Antenatal Care
Normal plus assissted delivery (up to 4 live births)
Postnatal Care (Family plan only)
PNC for pregnancy & deliveries with complications
Overall Annual Limit ₦200,000 ₦250,000 ₦300,000
Child Health Services
Specialist Consultation
Routine childhood immunization (Covered in Govt. Institutions - NPI)
Specific immunization
Optical & Opthalmological Services
Eye Examination
Optical and routine consultation
Treatment of minor eye infection like conjuctivitis
Optical Lenses
Contact Lenses
Overall Annual Limit ₦35,000 ₦45,000 ₦60,000
Dental Care.
Dental Consultation & Routine Examination
Treatment of Infection
Pain relief/therapy
Simple extraction Max. of 1 extraction per annum Max. of 2 extraction per annum Max. of 4 extraction per annum
Surgical extraction Max. of 2 extraction per annum Max. of 3 extraction per annum Max. of 4 extraction per annum
Root canal therapy
Amalgam fillings
Composite fillings
Overall Annual Limit ₦30,000 ₦55,000 ₦70,000
Minor Surgeries
Intermediate Surgeries
Major Surgeries & procedures
Management of Chronic Medical Conditions
Accute renal dialysis 2 Sessions 3 Sessions 5 Sessions
Diabetes, Hypertension, Osteoarthritis, Asthma
Out-patient psychiatric cover Max. 2 days/annum Max. 3 days/annum
HIV/AIDS (Services offered at Govt designated centers only)
Overall Annual Limit ₦40,000 ₦100,000 ₦130,000
Plan cost (Premium)
Per Enrollee ₦100,000 ₦200,000 ₦350,000
Per Family ₦280,000 ₦500,000 ₦985,000

NB: The exclusions and services not covered under the plans are here

Things to Note:

  • The minimum size for corporate cover is 50 persons, irrespective of pre-existing conditions. However, for groups with less than fifty persons, pre-existing conditions will not be covered for the first two years.
  • Maximum age for cover is 65years
  • Family is deemed as employee, a spouse and four biological children below 21years of age
  • Pre-existing conditions are defined as pregnancy, major diseases, chronic illness and complications arising from diabetes or hypertension

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No 856, Olu Awotesu St.
Jabi, Abuja

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